Our Review Process

During our review process we focus on the important aspects of a VPN and what truely matters to VPN users. Our team has comprised and grouped the following criteria:

Privacy & Security

Does the VPN value your privacy? What encryption techniques are use to secure your data? The best VPNs pride themselves in protecting their users identity and personal data. This category includes:

  • How much information does the VPN log? About the user?
  • Any VPN audits on privacy policy or apps to verify their privacy claims
  • The VPNs jurisdiction
  • Encryption & protocol standards
  • Does the VPN have a trust worthy past?

Speed & Reliability

How reliable is the VPN? Are the speeds consistent and fast? VPNs speeds are not created equal and this category highlights each VPNs infrustructure and whether they can live up to high demands of traffic while maintaing top speeds.

  • Does the VPN have fast local speeds?
  • Does the VPN have good long distance speeds something that most VPNs struggle with.
  • How are the connection times and any dropped connections?
  • Do we notice any hiccups in the network while using the VPN?

Streaming & Torrenting

A lot of VPN users are interested in streaming content, but what VPNs are the best for streaming. Even better torrenting allows access to additional resources. In this categorty we unlock the best for steamers and torenters.

  • Does the VPN unblock Netflix libraries and how many?
  • What popular streaming platforms consistently work with the VPN?
  • Is the VPN good for P2P torrenting?
  • What popular torrenting clients work with the VPN?

Advanced Features

Does the VPN go beyond the basics? The VPN provider should offer adavanced safety measures. In this category we shine a spotlight on each VPN to see if they have full feature-rich offerings and enhanced technologies.

  • Does the VPN have obfuscation technologies to bypass censorship?
  • Does the VPN provide split tunneling, double encryption, or kill switch features?
  • Does the VPN have smart features or offer unique advancements?
  • Does the VPN provide beneficial proprietary features?

Usability & Support

This category focuses on the usability aspect and support of the VPN. What is the practical use between all your devices. Top VPNs make it easy for users to get quickly started.

  • How much compatibility does the VPN have and what platform applications are available?
  • Ease of use or how easily it is to find all VPN features. Is the user interface practical and simplified?
  • Is cusomer support available 24/7?
  • What resources, installation guides, and troubleshooting steps are readily available?

These five categories are not created equal as we have an advanced formula that considers many aspects of a VPN. For example, we value privacy & security of the uttermost importance. Each category is weighted as follows:

We update our VPN reviews and scoring system regularly to provide you the most accurate and state of the art VPN scores.

How we test our VPNs

Our reviews are free of outside influence unlike many other VPN review sites. We accept NO compensation in exchange for a biased spotlight or critique. All our VPNs go through a strict regulated review process so they have equal oppurtunity and no favoritism. Our mission is to provide in depth knowledge to make your buying process much easier to ensure your privacy. In short, we do the ground work so you can have the piece of mind.

  1. We buy our VPNs to ensure we have the fully loaded VPN package with all features available the VPN privder has to offer. This is important to make sure we can give an accurate and precise review.
  2. Install all VPN apps on our devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Firestick. Then we install the VPN firmware on our routers, this allows us to test a plethera of devices including streaming devices Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV. This is also gives us the ability to test popular gaming consoles to test our gaming experience.
  3. Ready to begin our in depth testing based on the criteria above and calculating the scores using our adavanced formula.