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Who can benefit from a VPN?

Privacy consumers benefits

Privacy Conscious Consumers

Control your privacy and break free from government, company, and ISP surveillance.

Security consumers benefits

Security Conscious Consumers

Protect your personal information and fight fraud by using VPN encryption.

Online shopper benefits

Online Shoppers

Get the best deals and prevent location bias for your digital shopping. Prevent your personal information from being compromised.

Movie and TV streamers benefits

Movie & TV Show Streamers

Stream content that are otherwise blocked by your location and open up movies and tv shows from other countries.

Human activist benefits

Human Rights Activists

In some countries, freedom of speech can come with dire consequences. Hide your identity, bypass censorship, and speak to the world using a VPN.

Gamer benefits


Enjoy games before they are available where you are, get better prices, and get protection from DDoS attacks and hackers.

Sports fans benefits

Sports Fanatics

Stream both local or out of market games without blackout restrictions. Get access to region-blocked sports. Don't miss another game!

Travelers benefits


When you travel, public Wi-Fi is a necessity. Make sure you don’t compromise your security and use a VPN on public networks.

Torrent benefits

Torrenting Enthusiasts

To prevent threatening letters from your ISP when you torrent, simply connect to a VPN and enjoy P2P sharing privately.

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